Preserve, Protect and Promote

Lower Columbia Preservation Society preserves our history, culture, livability and sense of place by protecting historic structures and sites, promoting active stewardship of historic properties and supporting preservation education.

Lower Columbia Preservation Society was incorporated in 1999 with a mission to preserve, protect and promote the historic architecture of the Lower Columbia region. Twenty years later, LCPS is still active in preservation education and support. We provide financial assistance to the Clatsop Community College historic preservation program, maintain and improve the 1852 U.S. Customhouse Reconstruction in Uppertown Astoria, and provide information and resources on preservation, restoration and architectural history at our downtown Astoria office.

LCPS members enjoy monthly educational programming, invitations to special events, receive our newsletter RESTORIA, and have access to our lending library of over 300 resources. We also provide how-to guides for researching the history of your property. These are available at our office or from our website.

LCPS strongly encourages alternatives to demolition of historic resources. Demolition should always be a last resort. When a home, building or historic site is destroyed, we believe documentation of its history, prior to the demolition, is of great importance. We strive to educate the public and our community decision-makers with thorough and accurate historical information before major renovations, demolitions or relocations.

The LCPS office is located at 389 12th Street, Astoria, on the corner of 12th and Duane streets, on the ground floor of the Hotel Elliott building.